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It´s done. Hooray! You can download the book on www.trinkwelten.de



Some Infos and Impressions

•Sonntag, 10.Oktober.2010 • 3 Kommentare

I worked the whole weekend hard on the book but it isn´t ready yet. I´m so sorry but I can´t work more than I am doing now. I started 11 hours ago and I think I will work for another 3 hours on the book. (I really need some coffee.)

This is my first experience in layouting a book and everytime when you think it is nearly ready there is still a lot of work to do. I must apologise for could not keeping my deadlines again. It is nearly done (and it was nearly done for about 20 hours of work ago) but the only thing I dare to say is that it will be published in the coming week.

Here are some sample screenshots from the book as a little consolation.

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New Release Date

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Unfortunately there are about 10 hours of work left so we can not publish the book before sunday. Our hotspot in our Hotel in Berlin isn’t working too. So i have to write this information via iphone. I hope you are not to dissapointed but it would make no sense to release it with so many things we have to correcture.

Now I have to get a coffee and maybe an aspirin. 😉

The BCB is really fantastic. The first thing I got was a tattoo for free at Sailor Jerry’s place.

Thanks to the tattoo artist Fabian Nitz for this fantastic work in this short time.

Here’s a picture of Fabian tattooing my girlfriend at the BCB.

More information at a later time.

Writing on an iPhone really sucks …

Release Date

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Unfortunately the book and my real job took more time than expected.

The official release date is now (definately) October 4th,2010. (Just in time to the BCB-Barconvent in Berlin)

You can download the book for free on wankiki.wordpress.com on the 4th of October,2010.

Hope to see some of you in Berlin.


still working on the book

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im still working on the book and hope to release it this month. It´s definitely to hot in germany for working the whole day in my oppressively hot room. Beside I´m working on another book about bitters, cordials, syrups and forgotten receipes. More about this project at a later date.

Have a nice day and enjoy this nice summer.


a few more words about the project

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At first thanks to all the people who already sent their questionnaire back to me.

I marked the places on a googlemap from which places all over the world I got already a filled out questionnaire.

Voilá here it is:
Bartenders & Connoisseurs – In 80 Days Around The World

Now there are 27 days left for this project.

Come on … there are a lot of countries missing 🙂

Kind Regards

Bartenders & Connoisseures – In 80 Days Around The World – Day 19

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Gooooooood Morning Internet

I received a new few filled out questionnaires and I´m glad about the first incoming contributions from germany  The last days it´s being stagnant with incoming mails. I hope the next days are getting better.

To summarize,  I have about 20 filled out questionnaires from germany, usa, netherlands, england, japan and denmark. Until now I sent nearly 300 questionnaires around the world.

I´m full of expectation and I´m looking forward for new participations.

Have a nice day and please mail me if you now someone who wants to take part in this project.

kind regards