Bartenders & Connoisseurs – In 80 Days Around The World – Day 1

Bartenders & Connoisseurs – In 80 Days Around The World

The starting signal for my new project is given and from this day on several questionnaires will be travelling around the world.
This project tends to portrait miscellaneous bartenders, hobby-mixologists and connoisseurs worldwide on the basis of compact profiles which cover some personal and job-related key data as well as the three current favorite cocktail recipes. The other exciting aspect is how far and most notably to what places the questionnaires will travel with the help of modern tools of communication like e-mail, social networks, forums and the commitment of the cocktail scene.

Each filled questionnaire which is sent back to me at is going to be layouted and combined into a single book. Hence the volume of this book is based on the amount of submissions i will receive until the expiration of the deadline which is eighty days from today on May 19th 2010.
This book will be available after completion free of charge as a downloadable version. For those who are interested, a hard-back volume can be ordered at cost price.

To get to know and meet many interesting people and to assure a certain quality of the recipes, i have made a preselection of the first few addresses and contacted them during my lead time.
My hope now is that many of you recommend this questionnaire and by doing so the outcome of this is an interesting and intriguing collection of cocktail enthusiasm.

Anyone who is interested to share in this project can mail me at and i will send the questionnaire.

Most likely a few interesting articles about diverse topics round the world of cocktails and bartending will show up. As more detailed plans are made, you will be promptly informed via this site.

Many thanks to all who supported me up to now, and by giving me a predominant positive feedback motivated my work to create an interesting and visually appealing book. Your opinion is very much appreciated.

I’m looking forward to a brisk participation and will be glad for each questionnaire coming home to my inbox 🙂

Best regards,


~ von wankiki - Montag, 1.März.2010.

2 Antworten to “Bartenders & Connoisseurs – In 80 Days Around The World – Day 1”

  1. Direkt mal verbreiten 😀

  2. […] vom wankiki-Blog hat ein ambitioniertes Projekt gestartet: Ein Cocktailbuch geht um die Welt. Jeder, Bartender oder Connoisseur ist eingeladen einen Beitrag […]

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